Delhi Assembly Election: Amit Shah's statement on 'Roti' and 'Beti' over social media

Jan 27 2020 01:49 PM
Delhi Assembly Election: Amit Shah's statement on 'Roti' and 'Beti' over social media

New Delhi: In the election riots of capital Delhi day and day, political parties are now coming face to face through various forums. Somewhere during roadshows, sometimes these leaders do not allow any opportunity to comment on each other through public meetings. There is another medium where these leaders do not desist from taunting their adversaries. Their mind runs well there too.

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According to the information, on Saturday, January 25, 2020, Kejriwal in a tweet called Amit Shah first 'sir' and then wrote, 'I have only embraced your BJP supporters. But where made his life convenient.' Apart from giving them free electricity and water, they have also taken care of their children's education. It is being said that on the other hand, the BJP-Congress appeared in a different way with regard to 'Roti' and 'Beti'.

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It is also being said that from the tweets of Arvind Kejriwal, Amit Shah, and Subhash Chopra. Kejriwal tweeted last Saturday, 25 January 2020 morning. However, he has responded to a tweet made by Amit Shah on last night. In his tweet, Shah wrote, 'In Yamuna Vihar, he had food at his Delhi worker Manoj. My heartfelt gratitude for the intimacy and hospitality of his family. The BJP is not a political party, but a family whose every member is its real power. All of us together have to realize the vision of a strong BJP-empowered India.'

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