Agriculture Law: Farmers took trucks filled with ration along with them

New Delhi: Farmers' protest is going on against the three agricultural laws recently passed by the Modi government of the Center. On Thursday, the farmers who left from Punjab travelled to Delhi via Haryana. However, farmers were stopped at the border by the police. Farmers also clashed with the police. Farmers have brought ration for several days in trucks and are ready for a long battle. Farmers have a lot of goods including ration, milk, vegetables, blankets, clothes, gas, stove.

Thousands of farmers left Delhi for the Delhi-Ambala-Patiala border, but the police stopped them. Police lathi-charged the farmers, released tear gas shells and water cannons. During this time, farmers were stationed on trucks, tractors. The reaction of the Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has also come to light on the performance of the farmers. He said that farmers have been called to speak again on December 3. Before the Center, there was an attempt to negotiate with the farmers, but no solution was found.

In these trucks and tractors, the farmers have brought their ration, living material so that if the demonstration and picketing go on for a long time, it can be used. Farmers organizations have warned that they should be allowed to go to Delhi, if stopped somewhere, they will start demonstrations at the same place.

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