Rickshaw-puller arrested while trying to dispose of man’s body

New Delhi: Delhi Police has arrested an accused who was on his way to locate the body. The man was carrying the body on a rickshaw to hide it when a policeman on patrol caught sight of the rickshaw. When the police suspected, they stopped the rickshaw puller. When examined, a body was spotted on the rickshaw.

The policeman immediately called the PCR and took the man into custody. Police say a man was carrying the body on a rickshaw at around 4 pm in Street No. 5 of a block in Vansat Kunj. The police team reached the spot after the phone. Police investigated the body, then a tattoo written mahakal appeared in the Hindi on the left hand of the body. A slip of airport parking was also recovered from the person, which is july 22. Police are yet to identify the deceased. Police say an investigation is being conducted in connection with the deceased. The police started interrogating the accused strictly and he disclosed the entire case.

Police questioned the accused Samresh who was driving the rickshaw and said he worked as a guard in a building in Mahipalpur area. There was a man in the basement parking lot who suddenly arrived last night. The man was drunk and started arguing with him. The guard got angry and hit the victim in the face with a bribe, after which he fell. As soon as the man got up, the accused strangled him to death.

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