Minor accused of the rape killed the witness after coming from Juvenile home

New Delhi: A 17-year-old minor, who raped a five-year-old girl in the country's capital Delhi, on Thursday strangulated a 12-year-old teenager, a witness in the case, to death. The accused had come out of the juvenile home in March and had been continuously threatening the minor with revenge ever since. A police official said that on Thursday evening, information was received that a minor along with his friend had killed a 12-year-old teenager near the Savda railway line. People hold him.

Police, who rushed to the spot after receiving this information, found that the teenager's throat was slit with the blade. Along with this, his head was also hit by a brick. The police have also arrested the accused minor and his accomplice. Police interrogation revealed that the accused minor was booked for raping a five-year-old girl in 2019. The 12-year-old had testified in the case. When the accused escaped from the juvenile home, the witness started threatening the kid. Seeing the opportunity on Thursday, he killed the teenager to take revenge.  

After the murder, he reached the house of the deceased and told his brother about the murder, so that his panic would remain and no one would testify. According to the police, the accused had first slit his throat with a blade and then scratched his head with a brick. Not only this, he then went to the house of the deceased and threatened his brother. People caught the accused on the spot and informed the police. This whole incident has raised questions about the law, in which the minor accused is sent to the juvenile home and he comes out and commits such crimes.  

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