Maulana Javed of Mosque raped 11-year-old boy several times, arrested
Maulana Javed of Mosque raped 11-year-old boy several times, arrested

New Delhi: An 11-year-old student was allegedly sexually assaulted by a cleric at a madrasa in Delhi. Following a complaint by the child's mother, The Delhi Police arrested 24-year-old Maulvi Mohammad Javed of Madina Masjid in Karawal Nagar. An 11-year-old student was studying in the madrasa of Madina Masjid in Karawal Nagar of Shiv Vihar area of the capital Delhi for the last four years.

On October 7, 2022, he reached home during the Eid holidays. When his mother took her son back to the madrasa, the child was unwilling to stay there. During this time the child did not tell his mother anything. After much persuasion, he agreed to stay in the madrasa, but on October 11, 2022, he ran away from the madrasa and came back to his house. This time he told his family members about the misdeeds of Maulana Javed of the madrasa. After getting information about the incident, the family lodged a complaint with the police. The police registered a case against Maulana under Section 377 of the IPC and POCSO act and started an investigation.

During counselling, the victim said that he lived with 15-20 students in the residence of Madina Masjid. While preparing for Independence Day this year, Maulana Javed called him to his room and raped him. Not only this, but Maulana also threatened the student that if he told anything to anyone, it would have serious consequences. The child remained silent out of fear, which increased Maulana's courage and he raped the child several times.

Delhi Police has registered a case and arrested Javed from Madina Mosque. In the interrogation by the police, Maulvi Javed also confessed to his crime. He told the police that he was married and lived on the mosque premises with his wife and younger daughter. He has been teaching children at the madrasa since March 24, 2022. Now the police are preparing to produce him in court and send him to jail.  

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