Delhi Police: Investigations points to Hamas link to crypto hack

New Delhi:The Delhi Police announced Monday that it had solved a case of cryptocurrency theft by busting a cyber fraud module operated by Al-Qassam Brigates, Hamas' military wing. The module operated by hacking into people's crypto-wallets and transferring the stolen virtual currency to the terrorist organization's digital wallets.

The Delhi Police said they began their investigation after a complaint was lodged at the national capital's Paschim Vihar Police Station alleging that some unknown persons fraudulently transferred cryptocurrency including Bitcoins, Etherum, and Bitcoin cash - totaling approximately Rs 30 lakh - from the complainant's cryptocurrency wallet. On the Court's direction, a case was initially registered at Paschim Vihar Police Station, but the investigation was later transferred to the Cyber Crime Unit, Special Cell, Delhi.

The cryptocurrency trail revealed startling facts about how the virtual currencies ended up in the digital wallets of Al-Qassam Brigates, Hamas's military wing, and wallets already seized by Israel's Defense Ministry's National Bureau for Counter Financing.

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