Liquor scam: 9th accused opened poll, said- Also gave money to Kejriwal... Watch VIDEO!!
Liquor scam: 9th accused opened poll, said- Also gave money to Kejriwal... Watch VIDEO!!

New Delhi: A shocking revelation has come to light in the liquor scam against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government of Delhi headed by Arvind Kejriwal. BJP has released a video of accused number 9 Amit Arora regarding this scam. BJP is calling it a sting operation, in which the accused is disclosing in front of the people regarding the liquor scam. This accused is telling the person in front that which people tried to benefit from the liquor policy of the Kejriwal government and how it was done. In this, the person has given detailed information. He has told that AAP leaders have benefited several hundred crores in this. The person said that all those leaders who have benefited have also given money to Arvind Kejriwal. Some have given 100 crores, some have given 60 crores and some have given 30 crores to Arvind Kejriwal.

In the video, the person being told that Amit Arora is saying that, 'Look, it is like this, the people of Indo spirit were sitting by paying Rs 100 crore in advance. They used to say that joining is worth Rs 100. They used to tell everyone that the biggest business was with them. Now even in joining of 100 rupees, this is also a business of doing black and white. Brother, today you give 100 rupees to someone in advance and when you get it back, it will be all in white. The one who is giving cash is giving White to Black. I have given cash and you have given a fixed margin. After that Aman Dal gave 60-70 crores. Because every man used to say that give us business too. He will give that much (money) to someone. No one has the courage to pay that much money. From where will we get so much money now?'

The person seen in the video says, 'Such is this Mahadev Liquor. Mahadev Liquoalso gave 50 crores. You can't get a business without money. Similarly, he is a Divansh spirit. His business was a little less than these, so he gave Rs 30 crore. Aman Dal and Anant Vines, two men, were given a business of Rs 10,000 crores. Why was it given to two men? Competition is a good thing for the customer. Today, Aman Dal, Printco and Anant can close anyone's business in Punjab. To whom these will not give goods, their shops will be closed.'

Amit Arora further says, 'Ask any retailer in Punjab who dares to tell. My name is in it because I am a retailer and I knew Dinesh Arora. People call me Dinesh Arora, but my name is Amit Arora. I didn't get a single per cent business. I have a retail business, which I got from the High Court. Now my name was inserted. When my name was added, I joined the inquiry. All the work in policy making was by Vijay Nair, Sameer Mahendru, Aman Dal, Madam Chadha and  Arun Pillai.'

Naming the people involved in this scam, Amit Arora says, 'This is Aman Dal that belongs to Brindco and the Sameer Mahendru is Indo Spirit, Madam Chadha is Mahadev Liquor. Even if a person sells drugs, he cannot earn so much. We have invested Rs 10 crore and earned Rs 150 crore each so far. It wasn't just the way to make money, it was another way. What did you do if you gave Rs 100 crore in advance in cash? They invested Rs 100 crore anywhere in the elections. Now when that money is coming back... The first policy is such that it is written that you have to pay 12 per cent of this money. I have never seen such a business in my life.'


The person in the video further says that 'if this continued, it was a fraud of thousands of crores of rupees. It was known in the middle. It was such an open fraud that even the peon of the excise department knew what was happening. What did they kill all the people of the world and make some people alive? Killed all the old retailers. Earlier, a wholesale license was available for Rs 10 lakh. But, they made five crores. A license of Rs 5 crore is not available anywhere in the entire country. Why did you do this, so that the small player does not participate? The entire Delhi-based liquor has a turnover of Rs 15,000 crore and the plan was to bring the entire business to these four.'

Accusing the Arvind Kejriwal government of Delhi, the person says, 'They were not getting money from any retailer. They were getting money from wholesales. They wanted a lot of wholesales. They decided here to sell as much liquor as want, no quota fixed. This was a commission of 12 per cent, in which they used to get 6 per cent money. They sat in the Oberoi Hotel, sat in the Lodhi Hotel and all of them made a policy. After this, they played a game of 6 per cent. In this, 4-5 hundred crore rupees must have been made. Let me tell you that these videos have been shared by the BJP on its Twitter handle which accused the AAP government of the liquor scam and described this video as a sting operation.  

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