'Don't ignite lighters after entering room', mother-daughter commit suicide by writing on wall

New Delhi: Three members of the same family have committed suicide on Saturday night in Vasant Vihar, a posh area of southwest Delhi. According to the information received in this case, the mother and two daughters closed the flat from all sides and left it by putting some chemical substance in the swollen ring. In the initial investigation conducted in this case, the death of all three is said to be due to suffocation. A year ago, the head of the family died due to a corona infection, and since then the whole family has been going into depression. It is reported that the senior citizen woman Anju lived in this flat with her two daughters Anshika and Anku. Both of her daughters were around 30 years old.

However, for the past several years, the woman could not even get up from bed due to being suffering from diseases. Amidst all this, the woman's husband also died in the second phase of the Corona period last year. After the passing of the headman, the condition of the whole family became very bad and after that, gradually the whole family went into depression. Manish Agarwal, a municipal councillor and neighbour, said, "There were two flats in the name of the dead family on the ground floor in Vasant Apartment. In flat number 207, the three members of the family lived together. While the second flat was rented out, it was vacated a few months ago. The head of the deceased family was a Chartered Accountant (CA). After their passing away, the family's condition began to deteriorate.''

According to further information, a woman who had earlier worked in the flat said that the elderly Anju was very upset due to the shortage of money. The maid went to her house several times since morning to ask for the ration money, but the door did not open. Many times, no one was picking up the phone. In the end, the maid reported it to the locals. After that, when the people around tried to peep inside the flat through the window, they realized the poisonous gas. The matter was immediately reported to the police. DCP South West said that at 8:55 pm on Saturday, the police received information that flat number 207 of Vasant Apartment at Vasant Vihar was locked from inside and no one was opening the door from inside even if they make a noise or ring the doorbell. After this, SHO Vasant Vihar along with his team reached the spot.

After that, with the help of the locals, the door of the flat was broken and it was seen that the room was filled with smoke. The ring was burning at three places and the bodies of the whole family i.e. mother and two daughters were lying in the room. In this case, the deceased's family had pasted a note on the wall before dying, which read, "Do not ignite any kind of lighter or fire after entering the room." The purpose was that there should not be any accident due to gas in the room and no one else would be harmed. From this side, the family was giving itself life, but they were also worried that no one else would be harmed because of them.

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