Delhi witnesses protest outside British High Commission against 'Referendum 2020'

Aug 10 2018 02:11 PM
Delhi witnesses protest outside British High Commission against 'Referendum 2020'

A big crowd assembled outside the British High Commission situated in Delhi.

The crowd had gathered there to protest against the 'Referendum 2020' campaign which was initiated by the separatist Sikh organization which works in the US. The campaign shall be conducted on August 12, in London.


Many people, in the crowd, held posters and banners that read,
"UK supporting ISI project code name 'Express'" and "Don't shelter ISI and Pakistan sponsored elements."

MS Bitta, the AIATF chairman, talked about the Referendum 2020 and called it "a mere drama". Addressing the same issue, he added "The UK government should hand over terrorists and extradite separatist leaders of such organizations to India. This fight will go on until the UK government take such actions. We have submitted a memorandum to the governments. India is one country.”

An AIATF delegation, including five-members, proposed a memo to the British High Commissioner.
The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had asserted that the Referendum 2020 rally would encourage communal disharmony and would lead to secessionism. They said that our country has witnessed a lot of demarches to the UK regarding pro-Khalistan meet which is to be held in London.

They also said that many Sikhs, living outside are in “good relations" with India.
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