Joe Biden targets President Donald Trump over Election issues

Sep 15 2020 04:10 PM
Joe Biden targets President Donald Trump over Election issues

Recently Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has targeted President Donald Trump. During this time he said, "We need a president who respects science and understands the harm done by climate change." There is a fire in the wilderness of Western America at this time and President Donald Trump is afraid of taking responsibility for this fire. He is attacked by Biden.

There is a presidential election in the US on November 3, in which there will be a tough fight between Republican Donald Trump and Democratic Joe Biden. Democratic party's Joe Biden is making some statements day by day due to which he is coming in the discussions. Today, he said- "Trump was overthrown by President Barack Obama in the Paris Agreement in which America played a big role. Climate change is a big issue".

At this time the fire in the wilderness of Oregon and surrounding of California province is becoming an issue in the US presidential election. Just before President Donald Trump's visit to California, his Democrat rival Joe Biden has announced it to be an election issue. According to the information received, the Democratic candidates are preparing a speech about the matter so that the issue of climate change can be discussed in the presidential election.

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