Dengue alert;cases hiking in Indore !

Dengue has not shown any sign of dwindling in Indore with 66 cases being registered till September itself, putting the health department on a look-out.

As per the analysis of the health department and the data collected so far, Indore has recorded the second highest number of dengue cases after Sagar. The first case of dengue this year was seen in January, and about 33 cases were registered in August itself.

“The number is a little higher than what we expect it to be. The number has risen more ever since the rains have stopped. Collection of water in small vessels, garden area or water coolers comes as ideal habitats for the mosquitoes to breed,” said Dr GL Sodi, in-charge of Integrated Disease Surveillance Project.

The health department has formulated many teams to monitor different zones. Moreover, people who are not maintaining accurate hygiene in their houses will be fines.

Fortunately, there have been no deaths so far. “Almost all the patients have been discharged and did not have the serious haemorrhagic fever. We are closely monitoring the patients as well, asking for daily reports from all hospitals,” said Dr Sodi.

The health department has urged people to use mosquito repellents and to also prevent mosquitoes from breeding inside or outside their houses by frequently changing the water kept in storage tanks and vessels.


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