Dengue and Chikungunya hit Delhi hard !

Delhi continues to struggle , as the mosquito borne diseases-chikungunya and dengue have hit the national capital. A total of 1331 cases have been reported this season. Delhi has recorded 771 cases of dengue and 560 cases of chikungunya in just one week.  

Chikungunya has been a big reason for worry in the past years. Doctor though say that there's a silver linning to this issue ie:- this year's variant is actually curing much faster than in previous years.

Dengue kills a number of people while chikungunya has a very low mortality rate and patients usually recover. This usually takes a long time with joint pain possibly persisting for several months and, in some cases, years. In chikungunya, infection seems to leave lasting immunity; in dengue, there can be subsequent afflictions.

The Union Health Ministry had directed municipal bodies in Delhi to intensify preventive measures including fogging with special focus on construction sites and slum colonies on September 3. The Ministry has also directed doctors at various Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) centers to provide consultation and primary out patient medical care to all patients having symptoms of dengue and chikungunya even if they are not CGHS beneficiaries.

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