32 mm little lizard found in Goa

Panaji: Researchers from the Department of Zoology, Goa University, and Thackeray Wildlife Foundation have discovered a new type of gecko. Yes, under the information received, it is the smallest species of jeans with a maximum length of 32 mm which is considered endemic to biodiversity. Let me tell you all that the species has been given the scientific name hemiphyllodactylus genesis. However, in Goa, it is also known as a thin gecko. Most importantly, a sample was found and collected from inside the Goa University campus, after which it became the first species to be discovered by researchers at the University of Goa.

As per the information received, samples of hemiphyllodactylus genesis were found from two areas of Goa and two at Goa University campus in North Goa and one at Chandor in South Goa. On the other hand, researchers led by Akanksha Khandekar of Thackeray Wildlife Foundation and Diksha Parmar studying at Goa University said in their published publication, "This indicates the prosperity of the university campus as well as the diversity of replicas in Goa, which has been poorly studied.''

Let us also tell all of you that all samples of the newly discovered species were found in a similar microhabitat in the human habitat on the walls. Under the information received, all samples showed tail movement and a small move or jumping behavior was also observed after a slow walk. The same research paper says that species are not considered endangered, but researchers say they "face potential risks from construction and sometimes the burning of vegetation, which could damage the species' habitat."

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