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Fortunate times were those when people used to put immense weightage on values, though somehow in the present times we are all facing trust issues and becoming victims to many fraudulent traps - not just in professional but personal lives as well! To-day, we live in a world that is full of people who intend no good but to dupe others through their dishonest and corrupt actions. Life is like a game of chess and when in time one feels threatened by such individuals and their activities, contacting a private investigator becomes a smart move.

Private Investigators are frequently hired for several reasons that can range from Spouse Infidelity, Missing People, Employment-Background Checks, Fraud or Embezzlement problems and many more of such similar nature. By collecting crucial evidence against the wrongdoer, such experts often prove the proverb ‘Prevention is better than Cure’.

After research & going through different journals and citations, we have finally found the gem of a ‘Certified International Jasoos – Detective Guru, Mr. Rahul Rai Gupta, Managing Director of Secret Watch Detectives Pvt. Ltd.’, as one of the best options to identify and come up with solid evidence through serious investigations & verifications for any particular problem. Fortunate enough to discover an effective persona of the Detective Guru – Mr Rahul Rai Gupta, on various social media handles through which he embarks on a passionate journey to influence and educate the common public, spreading awareness regarding the various issues that may be faced and prove them a victim of offences due to ignorance or mere negligence.

It should, by now, be noted that private investigators are professionals who are proficient in finding information and can utilize it to help anyone who is in need of a more vital information about any person or business. Interestingly, to the reader, it will be a fact worth mentioning that these investigators always tend to act within the confines of the law to gather the required information and can be legally helpful with a variety of tasks. This can include, but not limited to, a variety of cases ranging from looking for one's biological parents, checking the security of a business for the owner, looking for a missing person, to even finding out if a spouse is cheating! All of this, but legally as aforementioned. The reason being that a private investigator possesses the potential to work on a variety of different types of cases and discover quite load-some of classified, sensitive information without going against the law of the land.

Therefore, the need for such services, as aforementioned, brings into the lime-light, one of the best in the field, meticulous, very professional and eagle-eyed - The Secret Watch Detectives Pvt. Ltd. headed by one and only, Detective Guru – Mr Rahul Rai Gupta. He is the one renowned expert here, who along with his team of experienced detectives identifies the variety of challenges and issues of a fraudulent nature in-order to solve them.

Be it wherever one is in this world, if at any point of time, one feels threatened or cheated, they can verily hire the services of the company at a very reasonable and affordable price! This is to stress upon the fact that Detective Guru- Mr Rahul Rai Gupta is a Certified International Private Investigator working from India with more than two decades of hardcore experience.

As we come down to the company itself –‘The Secret Watch Detectives Pvt. Ltd.'’ is a pioneering investigative agency with a quality 20+ years of experience with its head office located in the capital of India, New Delhi. Be assured and sit back, for the company provides all its clients with the best possible analytical solutions and advanced cyber software tracking and surveillance services. The team of investigators under the Detective Guru are not only trained but are backed up with specializations and years of experience to deal with any kind of challenges irrespective of the nature of the problem or the diversity of the locations they need to be dealt with. The company assures all its clients’ utmost confidentiality and quality services through their concerted efforts.

Considering the variety or the specialties they deal with and specific services they provide in terms of investigative problems, it's quite remarkable to its core! It ranges from Personal investigation, Corporate investigation, various different kinds of tracking and surveillance services, investigative services, to matrimonial investigations inclusive of pre- and post-matrimonial cases and much more. They also look into matters of Employment Verifications, again inclusive of both pre- and post-employment verifications. The company is versatile in nature as a provider of services in a long array of investigative services varying and adjustable with the needs of the client.

To conclude, be relaxed when investing your trust and confidence in Detective Guru- Mr Rahul Rain Gupta and his team, as The Secret Watch Detectives Pvt. Ltd. never disappoints in delivering their skilful and efficient investigative services.

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