Dev Anand was banned from wearing black coat

Dev Anand, who won everyone's heart in his style, is no longer in this world. He passed away on 3rd December, 2011 but people have not forgotten him till date. Dev Anand is an actor without whom the history of Hindi films is incomplete. Dev Anand was born in 1923 to a middle class family in Gurdaspur, Punjab. He became a romantic and fashion icon in his time. Although many of his stories are famous that you may have heard, the most important thing is the story of him wearing a black coat. There was a time when Dev Anand made white shirts and black coats so popular that people started copying them.

There was a time when Dev Anand was banned from wearing a black coat on public places. Dev Anand Hindi made it to the cinema but it took him a lot of hard work. Dev Anand has been the most successful actor of his era and he made a lot of headlines for his black coat. Tell all of you that Dev Anand was famous for his different style and way of speaking during that visit. At that time, the fashion of white shirts and black coats was made popular by Dev Anand, and there was a story when the court banned him from walking around wearing a black coat.

In fact, there were incidents of suicide while some girls were wearing their black coats, and this is the first time that there is an actor for whom this degree of obsession has been seen. This forced the court to intervene and ban the black coat. Let us also tell you that Dev Anand's real name was Dharmadev Pishorimal Anand. He completed his graduation in English literature in Lahore in 1942. While Dev Anand wanted to study further, his father bluntly said, 'He doesn't have the money to teach him. If he wants to study further, take up a job. It was from here that Dev Anand's Bollywood journey began. In 1943, he arrived here with just Rs. 30 and gave his career a different status.

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