Wife along with brother-in-law murdered husband, police arrested

Jun 20 2020 01:40 PM
Wife along with brother-in-law murdered husband, police arrested

In today's time, relationships are no longer important. Every day, such cases are revealed which are shocking. The matter that has recently come is of illicit relation of the brother-in-law, the wife along with the brother-in-law killed the husband. This was revealed by SDOP Geeta Bhardwaj during the press conference on Friday. Police arrested four people, including his wife, for murder.

In this case, the police said, "An unidentified body was found near Patara Chaki on 27 May 2020 in Civil Line Police Station area, which was identified Anand Ahirwar's son Jeevaram Ahirwar. The deceased was being investigated by the Civil Line Police. During the investigation, it was found that Rinku, the brother of the deceased, has an illicit love affair with the deceased's wife Bharti Ahirwar.

'Rinku, brother of the deceased, conspired to kill the deceased Anand Ahirwar with his uncle's son Kallu alias Anil and sister Seema Ahirwar wife late Mansaram Ahirwar resident Sersa along with Bharti, wife of the deceased. After that, by putting a noose of a rope around the neck, the body is dragged to death. In this case, it has also been told that Rinku used the motorcycle to throw the dead body near the Patra check post to hide the evidence. Now everyone has been arrested by police.

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