Devotees are most dear to GOD

1- Devotion has such capability that it brings GOD in the bonding of a devotee.


2- Take a leap towards GOD and see what miracle happens.


3- Without devotion, we will not get the grace of GOD.


4- GOD becomes extremely glad after accepting the bond of devotion.


5- Devotees are most dear to GOD.


6- Keep faith in GOD and GOD will uphold the faith.


7- If you have devotion, ask anything from GOD and it shall be given to you.


8- Knock with devotion and the gates of GOD will be opened for you.


9- Many are called but only a few are chosen by GOD.


10- To narrate the qualities and glory of GOD is just not possible for anybody.

Happy Hanuman Janmotsav

Best Mahavir Jayanti wishes to greet your loved ones

On the day of Varuthini Ekadashi, read Vishnu Sahasranama to get rid of every disease

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