VIDEO: 7.5 kg stone statue of Lord Nrisinh floated in water 3 times in MP

Devas: The Ramayana is proof that stones named after Lord Ram have floated in the river. But at this time, if you are asking about the swim stone in the water, you won't believe it. However, this happens. In fact, this view is visible in Hatpiplya tehsil of Bagli Vikaskhand in the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. Here, a 7.5 kg stone statue of Lord Nrisinh floats in the water, and witnesses the scene, thousands of people who attend it. In fact, every year on the occasion of Gyaras, the statue of Lord Nrisinh is floated thrice in the river.


Something similar happened this time too. This time too, on 17th September, the day of Dol Gyaras, a 7.5 kg stone statue of Lord Nrisinh was swimming. Under the information received, water was released. When the statue started floating, the crowd at the ghat cheered lord Nrisinh. It is believed that swimming three times the statue means that the coming year will bring happiness and prosperity.

The event is held on a large scale every year, but this year the corona protocol has led to administrative tightening. Now that the statue has floated three times this year too, it is being interpreted as a pleasant year! Let me tell all of you that the elders here say that the history of this stone statue of Lord Nrisinh is about 115 years old. It is said that since 1902, every year, there is a tradition of swimming the statue of Lord Nrisinh on the day of Dol Gyaras, the Ekadashi of Shukla paksha of Bhadou month.

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