Dharmendra shocked after hearing the news of snakebite to Salman

Salman Khan celebrated his birthday yesterday. However, the snake bit him at the farmhouse in Panvel a day before his birthday. Soon the news of the incident spread everywhere and Salman's fans, as well as those close to him in the industry, were very upset. Recently, there were prayers all around the industry for Salman's recovery. Dharmendra, who was very close to Salman, was on the same list.

He recently revealed that he was upset to hear of the snake to Salman Khan. He was restless until he spoke to Salman. In fact, Dharmendra treats Salman Khan as his son and has said this many times. You all must know that Salman also respects Dharmendra a lot. In such a situation, recently Dharmendra, while replying to a tweet on his Twitter, told what was his condition after that incident. You can see in the reply of a user Dharmendra wrote 'Malik, Salman is like my son. He has love and respect for me too. I always pray for him on his birthday. I was very upset after hearing the news of the snakebite incident and I called them. He is fit and fine.

Salman was at his Panvel farmhouse a day before Salman's birthday when he was bitten by a snake. Speaking to a well-known website here, he said, 'A snake had entered his room which frightened the children. I was getting him out with the help of a stick but he climbed onto my hand. I distanced him from myself. The snake bit me not just once but thrice. However, Salman Khan was admitted to the hospital after the incident and fit in.'

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