Dhrumil Soni and Saurabh Patel the gen-next influencers and entrepreneurs are going strong with their self-quarantine

The entire Nation is under 21 days lockdown owing to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. From celebrities to normal people, everyone is making the most out of their self-quarantine. Some are busy working from home while others are engaging in productive chores. 

Dhrumil Soni and Saurabh Patel, two of the youngest influencers and entrepreneurs from the Gujarat industry who have been associated with various prominent personalities and actors are leaving no stone unturned in continuing work from their houses. Both the guys have created an office set up in a spacious room and keep working from home without letting the commitments getting affected.

These 20 years old Teenagers focus on putting their blood and sweat to showcase the talent of underrated actors, they also are best known social media makers and image-makers. 

Dhrumil  started their own company named Pixatronix at the age of 16 and have been going strong ever since then and over the years have worked some talents like renowned actress Khushi Shah, south actress Kashmira Pardeshi. Not only actor but these young guns have also worked on one of Gujarat's well-known festivals titled Panchmahotsav for years now. 

Recently, Dhrumil Soni helped India's top table tennis player, Naina Jaiswal in recovering her Facebook page who had lost hopes as she couldn't get the issue resolved even after trying multiple times. All thanks to team Pixatronix. Dhrumil and Saurabh were in the news for their association in doing the digital movie campaign of 'Affraa Taffri' and are currently busy with their upcoming projects.

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