Bill Gates divorced because of this Chinese woman? Find out what's the matter
Bill Gates divorced because of this Chinese woman? Find out what's the matter

In the meantime, Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently announced that he was going to divorce his wife Melinda Gates. The reasons for the much talked about divorce are yet to be revealed but in the meantime the name of a Chinese woman is coming up. According to the information received, this is the reason for the divorce of the woman Bill and Melinda.

According to several online rumours, Bill and Chinese resident Jhe Shelley Wang were having an affair. However, wang himself has come out with the growing rumours and has expressed her opinion on China's famous social media portal and denied the rumours. Wang wrote in Mandarin, China, "I thought these rumours would end automatically because these rumours were head-to-head, but I didn't know they would continue to grow so much. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who supported me in this difficult time and helped put an end to these rumours".

Sheli Wang is 36 years old and she came to the US from China.  She currently lives in Seattle and is not married. She is a professional translator and has worked for yale school of management and harvard business school in addition to gates foundation. Wang studied at Brigham Young University and knows Mandarin, English and Cantones. According to reports, he has worked with the Gates Foundation as a freelawn. In addition, she has also worked on flights to the US and Shanghai before the Corona period.

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