Bhopal Cops suspect Remdesivir theft at Hamidia Hospital

Apr 21 2021 10:04 AM
Bhopal Cops suspect Remdesivir theft at Hamidia Hospital

Bhopal: Some new layers are being opened every day in the case of theft of remdesivir from Hamidia Hospital in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Now the crime branch's action is showing indications that remdesivir injections may not have been stolen. In addition, the Crime Branch is also aware that hiding the manipulation of remdesivir may have fabricated the story of theft.

Talking to media, Crime Branch Additional SP Gopal Dhakad said, "About 2 dozen people have been questioned so far in the case. Shockingly, the store room net was found cut from inside and all the locks in the store room were found to be correct as if someone had opened the locks with the key and then it was closed. In addition, when we checked the records, we found that the record of arrival and departure of remdesivir has not been maintained properly nor is the staff able to respond properly".

He further said that the most surprising thing is that the number of complaints of theft of remdesivir injections seems suspicious as the stock of remdesivir should have been less after the theft, but the stock is high and many injections have been found in the store room itself.

Additional SP Gopal Dhakad said, "The investigation is still going on so it is difficult to say why the report was filed if the injections were not stolen. Further investigation will reveal more facts as to why this strategy was hatched. It is learned that about 850 remdesivir injections were stolen from Hamidia Hospital on Saturday".

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