Did you also observe mokshada ekadashi vrat to follow these necessary rules?

In the Sanatan Dharma Shastras, all ekadashi vrats are given a lot of importance, but for Mokshada Ekadashi, it is said that merely keeping this sub-vasa gives merit to all the ekadashis. This time Mokshada Ekadashi falls on Tuesday, 14th December. It is said that if you live this fast with full reverence and devotion and dedicate its virtue to your fathers, it saves your fathers. The fathers get privacy from the tortures of hell, and when they move towards salvation, they bless their descendants. This makes the lives of their descendants happy. But in case of complete fruits of fasting, it is necessary to keep it with full devotion, and all the rules of Ekadashi Vrat should also be followed. Only then can this fast be meaningful.

Here are the rules of Ekadashi Vrat:-
* The rules of Ekadashi Vrat come into force from sunset on Dashami. Man has to take food decimal before sunset, then the fast begins and lasts till the day of dwadashi is passed. In this way, this fast lasts for a full three days.
* Food is not consumed from the night of Dashami till the morning of Dwadashi. Devotees can perform this fast with their reverence, waterless, only with water, fruits or at one time with fruits.
* Celibacy should be observed from the night of Dashami till the night of Dwadashi and sleeps on the ground on the night of Dashami, while on the night of Ekadashi, one wakes up and performs kirtan of God. Even if you want to rest, do it on the ground.
* No member of the household should consume eggs, meat and alcohol on this day. If possible, all the members should also give up onion and garlic and eat sattvik food.
* Never lie, don't flirt at the time of fasting. Don't disrespect elders and don't hurt anyone's heart. Help the needy because of the fast.
* After completing the fast, retire from bathing on the day of Dwadashi and feed it to a Brahmin. Touch his feet and seek blessings and leave the house with dakshina as per his capacity. Then open your fast.
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