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Did You Know "Grapefruit Oil" Has Benefits Too?

This is why you should use Grapefruit essential oil


The antiseptic properties of grapefruit essential oil make it perfect for application on bruises, wounds, cuts and acne to protect them from microbial infections. As an antiseptic it prevents wounds from developing tetanus or from becoming septic.


Like the fruit itself, the essential oil of grapefruit is rich in antioxidants. This oil is effective in protecting the body from all harm done by various oxidants and toxins, including premature aging, degeneration of tissues, loss of vision and hearing, mental and physical sluggishness, nervous disorders and other related problems


Grapefruit oil has antimicrobial effects that help reduce or eliminate harmful strains of bacteria that can enter the body through contaminated foods, water or parasites.

Appetite suppressant

If you think you need to eat less and have a good appetite then this essential oil could be very helpful. However, that doesn’t mean that you just have to take it before dinner. A regular dose can decrease your appetite and aid in weight management.

Other Benefits

Grapefruit essential oil keeps the skin clean. It is good for treating oily skin and acne, and it also provides a refreshing feeling. It can also be beneficial for treating stiffness and cramps in the muscles.

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