Did you know these best facts related to the country's Aan-Ban-Shan tricolor

You all know that the tricolor is the pride of our country. Yes, and if it flies, the head of the country becomes high. In such a situation, on the occasion of Republic Day, everyone is going to feel proud of it. With this, it will be seen on the roof of every house. Let you all know that while hoisting the tricolor on any platform, when the speaker's face is towards the listeners, then the tricolor should always be on his right side. Now today we tell you some special things related to the tricolor.

* It is said that the hill temple of Ranchi is the only temple in India where the tricolor is hoisted. At a height of 493 metres, the country's tallest flag has also been hoisted in Ranchi itself.
* Very few people know that the tricolor should always be of cotton, silk or khadi. Yes, and it is forbidden to make a plastic flag.
* Let you all know that the construction of the tricolor will always be in a rectangular shape, the ratio of which is fixed at 3:2.
* There is no fixed measure of the Ashok Chakra made in the tricolor. It must have 24 tiles.
Let us tell you that the flag on red, yellow and green horizontal stripes was first hoisted on August 7, 1906 at Parsi Bagan Chowk (Green Park), Kolkata.
* Very few people know that it is illegal to make or write anything artwork on the flag. Yes, and the tricolor cannot be put in a boat or ship, nor can it be used to cover a building.
* It is said that while hoisting the tricolor, care should be taken that it is straight. This means that the saffron color is at the top. At the same time, it should not be kept on the ground.
Keep in mind that no other flag can be put higher or higher than the national flag.
Let us tell you that ordinary citizens were allowed to hoist the tricolor even on normal days in their homes or offices after December 22, 2002.

Tradition of hoisting and unloading of the tricolor - Let you tell everyone that the tricolour was allowed to be hoisted even at night in the year 2009. In fact, before this, there was a tradition of taking off the tricolor respectfully in the evening. However, there is a miniature tricolor in the Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum, which is made of diamonds and gems on a gold pillar. Yes, according to the Constitution of India, the flag is lowered for some time when a national personality passes away and is declared a national mourner.

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