Hair conditioner can also be used for this work

Nov 03 2019 10:29 AM
Hair conditioner can also be used for this work

We use shampoo and conditioner to clean the hair, it helps to make hair silky and smooth. After shampoo, the condition is also shined by using conditioner to keep hair from getting dry. For information, tell that till date you must have used conditioner only on hair. But we will tell you some such uses of hair conditioner which you will be surprised to know about.

Mild Detergent - Clothes that are very soft and require special care. For example, a conditioner is a good option for washing undergarments or woolen clothes. Add 3-4 drops of conditioner in hot water and your mild detergent is ready.

Makeup Brush - Make-up is done by every girl, as well as those make-up things have to be cleaned, with the help of conditioner, the makeup brush can be cleaned very easily. To clean the soft brush of makeup, put a few drops in the warm water of the conditioner and immerse the brush in it for a while. You will see that the brush will be completely cleaned in a short time.

For shaving - There are some places on our body that can be cleaned with a normal soap or detergent like girls often use shaving to remove underarms or hair of the feet. But there is no need to worry if the shaving cream at home is over in the emergency. Apply a few drops of conditioner on the feet or on the armpit and then shave it. This is a very good formula for shaving without shaving cream.

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