Digital Homicide, a games developer is suing users on Steam

The Developer named- Digital Homicide is suing Steam users (games and digital software critic). James Romine, co-founder of Digital Homicide, has also filed a subpoena against Valve in the charge of unveiling the identities of 100 anonymous Steam users who have made comments about the company in the past. Romine is representing himself. He’s planning for a fine of $18 blaming personal injury to him.

This came into sight by You Tuber Sid Alpha after a commenter tipped him off on the company filing the public domain documents necessary for a subpoena.

“The Romines have decided to further attempt to silence criticism by going after Steam commenters, filing a personal injury lawsuit. They paid the filing fee yesterday September 14, 2016,” said SidAlpha on his channel.

For Digital Homicide this isn’t the first time. They have sued someone for being critical of its work. Before, they tried to sue games industry insider and popular YouTuber Jim Sterling to pay off $10 million.

It has set a cautious note not just for YouTubers and critics but most importantly, regular consumers. People will be sent to court just for commenting or adding their views to their imagination and piece of art experience? It will be a attack on free speech and human right. Lets hope for the best.


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