Digital Marketer Nishant Kumar Takes to Social Media to Boost Blood Donations

While using social media platforms to address various health concerns, Nishant Kumar, a Lucknow-based digital marketer, and social media expert, has launched a campaign to use the country's growing social media usage to encourage more citizens to donate blood on a regular basis.

“COVID-19 has put a strain on our health infrastructure, making it harder to maintain the blood banks on which many depend,” says Nishant Digital founder, Nishant Kumar. “At the same time, the growing usage of social media during the pandemic felt like an opportunity to raise people's attention to a side effect that they could actually avert.”

With the help of the WHO, Nishant Kumar formed a collaboration with Facebook to enable the country's blood banks to connect with donors more quickly and easily. Users can learn about the procedure of properly donating blood and find a donation center near them by visiting a dedicated Facebook page. The page currently counts over 10 000 followers.

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