'Muslims have 4-4 wives with dozens of children': Digvijay Singh

Bhopal: Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and Rajya Sabha MP Digvijay Singh has always been a part of discussions on his statements. Now, recently, once again, his statement is in the news. In fact, recently, he attended the conclusion of the Kisan Padyatra programme in Sehor. In the town hall, Digvijay Singh said, "According to a study, the birth rate of Muslims in the country is continuously declining as compared to Hindus and the birth rates of Hindus and Muslims will be equal by 2028. The BJP is trying to mislead the Hindus and is doing the same thing for the Muslims.''

He also said, "Muslims do 4-4 wives. They have dozens of children. And after 10-20 years, Muslims will become the majority and Hindus will become minorities. I challenge whoever wants to discuss with me.'' At the same time, he said, "Today, there is a report, based on the Senses report, that the birth rate of Hindus has not decreased as fast as the birth rate of Muslims has been declining since 1951, but even today the birth rate of Muslims is 2.7 and that of Hindus is 2.3 i.e. 2.3 children come into the family, They have 2.7, but the way the birth rate of the population is declining. By 2028, the birth rate of Hindus and Muslims will be equal and at that time the population will stabilize all over the country.''

At the same time, he also said, 'Whatever the increase will be till 2028. It won't happen after that.' Today Hindus are misled by calling Muslims a threat, and on the other side, there is an Owaisi sahib who wants to earn votes by calling Muslims a threat. Narendra Modi ji calls Hindus a threat, Owaisi Ji calls Muslims a threat. Neither Hindus are in danger nor Muslims are in danger, if there is danger then Modi Ji and Owaisi Ji are in danger.

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