Digvijay Singh's big statement: 'Meat exporter companies donate to BJP in elections'

Bhopal: For the past few days, Digvijay Singh has been attacking the Indian-known party by raising the beef issue. Recently he mentioned that 'Savarkar has written in the book there is nothing wrong in eating beef'. Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh had attacked the BJP through Savarkar and said that 'Veer Savarkar's book says Hinduism has nothing to do with Hindutva, there is no connection.' There is no uproar over the statement that he has once again targeted the BJP in the name of beef.

In a series of tweets, he wrote that beef exporters also donate to BJP in elections. If you don't trust the Election Commission, check out the list of election donors to the BJP. Digvijay Singh has also shared some papers for evidence. With this, he shared a video and wrote: Cow is our mother and BJP minister eats beef.

The former Madhya Pradesh CM and senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh had recently attacked the BJP through Veer Savarkar. Addressing the Congress' Janjagran Abhiyan function in Bhopal, Digvijay Singh said that Veer Savarkar's book says that Hinduism has nothing to do with Hindutva, there is no connection. 'Savarkar has written in his book that a cow is an animal that rolls into its own faeces, from where it can be our mother.' Addressing the function, Digvijay Singh had said, 'There are Hindus in the country who eat beef and where it is written that beef is not to be eaten. Digvijay Singh had said, "Savarkar Ji himself has said all this which is now a special thinker of BJP and Sangh.''

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