Dipika Kakkar Copied Deepika Padukone's Look, Viral Photo
Dipika Kakkar Copied Deepika Padukone's Look, Viral Photo

TV's most popular actress, Dipika Kakkar, is appearing on the show 'Kaha Hum Kaha Tum' these days. On the other hand, she is seen playing Sonakshi, who is a TV actor and Karan v Grover is playing the doctor in his upcoming serial that you will be watching. Now the show has revealed a look of Dipika, which is going viral on social media that you can all see. In fact, Deepika's look looks like a look of Deepika Padukone and Deepika Kakkar's sari looks exactly like Deepika Padukone.


You can see the difference in the look of the two was just makeup. Yes, you can see where Deepika Padukone did light makeup with her outfit, while Dipika Kakkar has a matching lipstick with bright makeup. First of all, let's all know that a scene from this serial is going viral on social media and many of the memes of this video are also going viral which you can watch. Dipika has appeared in many shows and is very fond of her.

Currently, Deepika has shared a photo of her when the lovely rain force you to break the diet!!! And just enjoy Garam Garam Vada Pav n Chai!!! PS: raining heavily!!! BE SAFE EVERYONE!!! She looks very ravishing that you can see.

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