Dipika Kakar Ibrahim shares a healthy bond with mother-in-law

Famous TV star Deepika Kakkar Ibrahim and her mother-in-law's relationship is not at all like the common mother-in-law. Along with this, their relationship is completely different and like friends. The actress herself keeps her information on her social Instagram site. Recently, the actress celebrated her mother-in-law's birthday with great pomp. 

With this, the actress made the cake herself at home on the birthday of her mother-in-law. The actress gave this information with this post. Not only this, the actress also made many tasty things at home on the birthday. Deepika Kakkar's mother-in-law was in awe after seeing these preparations. In-law is seen spending quality time with her mother. Deepika Kakkar makes every occasion extremely special with her efforts.

For your information, let us tell you that every time Deepika Kakkar Ibrahim is seen enjoying with her family. His in-laws also keep him head-on-eyes. His mother-in-law keeps him close to him in every photo. These old photos are witness to this. At the same time, Deepika Kakar celebrates every ritual and ritual of her in-laws as per marriage. This bonding of Deepika Kakkar and her mother-in-law is becoming stronger with time.

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