Some Pictures For The One Who Like Dirty Humor

Feb 13 2017 03:37 PM
Some Pictures For The One Who Like Dirty Humor

A lot of people put out an image of themselves that's usually pretty contrary to who they actually are and what they really think and feel. We all Say nice things when we don’t mean them and Pretend that our brains are not in the gutter. This is because we don’t want people to think we're mean, or have weird dirty minds. In reality, when you're alone, you can ease up on the restrictions.

Just look at these pictures by yourself so you can let your mind go wherever it wants, or with a friend who already knows about the dirty weirdo, you really are!

1. What wonderful decor for a nursery. Get the baby boy started early on activities he'll be growing up loving to do.


2. These monkeys want a piece of whatever she's giving out. And we don’t think that it's the bananas in her hands.


3. We wonder how musky it was for her down there and if the smell lingered when they finally separated.


4. Give it a second, because things are not as they appear.


5. Spongebob Squarepants has always been a totally clean, child-oriented show. He lives in Bikini Bottom and works at the Krabby Patty, nothing dirty about that. And his nose from this angle looks exactly like a delicious sausage.


6. This is an art piece, but anyone who loves women take notes and maybe employ it during your next rendezvous. She will thank you.


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