Disney+ Hotstar launching in India on April 3

Apr 02 2020 05:13 PM
Disney+ Hotstar launching in India on April 3

In order to compete directly with Netflix and Prime Video in the Indian OTT market, Star India has decided to launch its much awaited Disney Plus streaming service from 3 April. Disney Plus streaming services in India will be available only on the already existing OTT Hotstar. With the launch of this service, Disney's more than two hundred and fifty superhero movies and more than 100 webseries will be directly available to the Indian audience.

At the same time, the introduction of Disney Plus in India is very important for Star India. Its OTT (over the top) platform Hotstar has been constantly competing with Netflix and Prime Video. Now, with the availability of Disney's material, there is a possibility of it moving forward in this competition. With the launch of Disney Plus on Hot Star, content can now be seen on this OTT in three ways. Disney Plus Hotstar VIP customers will be able to watch programs in Hindi, Tamil or Telugu languages. Apart from this, customers of Disney Plus Hotstar Premium will be able to see all these materials in English along with Disney Plus original. Sponsored programs on OTT will be available to watch for free, meaning that if you do not have problems with advertisements between programs, then you will be able to watch a large part of the content for free on this OTT.

According to Uday Shankar, president of Star and Disney India, the launch of Disney Plus will start a new era of video streaming services in India. Referring to the ongoing lockdown in the country due to Corona, he says that Disney Plus will prove to be very helpful in this time to make people laugh and cheer at home. On Disney Plus, separate arrangements have been made to easily find the content of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic. The virtual red carpet premiere of Disney Plus in India will be on April 2 at 6 pm with the superhit film The Lion King.

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