'Disrespect to the nation, Chandrababu Naidu on 'PMO's intervention in Rafale deal

Feb 09 2019 01:51 PM
'Disrespect to the nation, Chandrababu Naidu on 'PMO's intervention in Rafale deal

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, on Saturday, said the Prime Minister Office’s (PMO) intervention in Rafale deal was a disrespect to the country. TDF chief further demanded an independent investigation so that truth can come out.

Criticising PMO’s intervention in the deal, Naidu said his party will do a peaceful protest again him. He said “PMO's intervention in Rafale deal is a disrespect to the nation. We will do a peaceful Gandhian protest with yellow and black shirts and balloons.”

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A political slugfest erupted when a media report in The Hindu published a Defence Ministry note, which raised strong objections to parallel negotiations conducted by the PMO with the French side in the Rafale deal since it weakened the negotiating position of the Indian side.

Citing Defence Ministry's note on the deal, naidu said,  “PMO's interference in the name of parallel negotiations, bypassing the Ministry of Defense in finalising Rafale deal, undermined the negotiating position of the Indian Negotiating Team. These revelations are shocking. They indicate a lack of integrity and regard within central government.”

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Naidu also took to Twitter to attack PM, saying the deal should be investigated independently so that truth comes out. He wrote, "PM Narendra Modi's silence on Rs. 59,000 Cr Rafale deal and reports on the possibility of India's Biggest Defence scam directly involving the PMO, speaks volumes of BJP govt's destructive decisions. Modi ji, truth cannot be hidden for long when you cheat the nation.


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