Disturbed by the sound of loudspeaker in the mosque, the students protested, the police arrested

Srinagar: Disturbed by the sound of mosque loudspeakers, students recite Hanuman Chalisa in protest in Jammu and Kashmir. After this, 6 students were taken into custody by the police on Friday (20 May 2022) near Gandhi Memorial Government College, Jammu. These students had gathered in front of a local mosque and read Hanuman Chalisa. According to reports, the students of Gandhi Memorial Government College were offering prayers in the mosque when the students were reciting Hanuman Chalisa.

The students allege that they were not able to study because of the noise for no reason. Due to which they were forced to protest against the local mosque. Significantly, on 17 May 2022, the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) had issued an order to remove all loudspeakers operating without permission in religious and public places. This proposal was introduced by BJP councilor Narottam Sharma. However, even after the order, the mosque did not remove the loudspeaker, ignoring it.

Sharma, who moved the motion against loudspeakers, had said that it was causing a lot of noise pollution, due to which people were facing a lot of trouble. While passing this resolution on Tuesday, Mayor of Jammu Municipal Corporation Chander Mohan Gupta said, 'The resolution has been passed with a majority. Now the work will be done as per the decision of the Supreme Court. Several reports suggested that the students protesting against the loudspeakers were also angry with the administration for not being able to get the loudspeakers switched off from the local mosque. These students were first arrested by the state police, however, they were later released.

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