After Divya Bharti's undisclosed death, mysterious incident took place at the screening of 'Rang'

Divya Bharti, who won everyone's heart with her performances, her acting and her beauty, passed away on this day and her death became a mystery. Let us tell you all that on April 5, 1993, Divya died after falling from a building in a mysterious condition, however, the mystery of Divya's death is still entangled. Yes, and if someone considers it an accident, then someone a suicide, although Divya's death has left many questions behind her. Let us tell you all that even after the death of Divya Bharti, many strange and scary incidents took place, which makes people think that Divya did not commit suicide.

Let us tell you all that three months after the death of Divya Bharti in April 1993, the screening of her film 'Rang' was held in July. Yes, and another actress in the same film, Ayesha Julka, had mentioned the scary incident during that screening in an interview. Ayesha Julka had said that a few months after Divya Bharti's death, the screening of 'Rang' was held in Film City. During this time, as soon as Divya Bharti's scene came, suddenly the screen fell. Seeing all this, everyone present there was shocked that what had happened?

After Divya Bharti's death, everyone was scared of this sudden accident. Let us tell you all that Divya Bharti made her debut in the 1990 Telugu film 'Bobbili Raja,' however, her career in Bollywood started with the 1992 movie 'Vishwatma.' Yes, and in the year 1992, Divya Bharti got married to producer Sajid Nadiadwala. Divya Bharti and Sajid Nadiadwala are said to have gotten married on May 20, 1992, and Divya changed her religion for Sajid. According to some reports, Divya Bharti's name was changed to Sana before the wedding. On April 5, 1993, nearly 11 months after her marriage to Sajid Nadiadwala, Divya Bharti died after falling from a 5-storey building.

On April 5, 1993, it is said that Divya Bharti was having a drink with some friends in her Versova flat, but during this time she came and sat near the window. After a while, when Divya started going to the other side, suddenly her balance was disturbed and she fell directly on the floor of the parking area. During this time, Divya had suffered a very deep injury on her head and she was soaked in blood. However, Divya Bharti succumbed to her injuries in the emergency ward of Cooper Hospital.

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