'Divya Kashi Yatra' train to run between these cities

Varanasi: The "Divya Kashi Yatra" train will be launched in Varanasi, the country's largest state, in view of the rising tourist figures. This was reported by officials of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Speaking at the inauguration of the new circuit house at Somnath in Gujarat, PM Narendra Modi had said on Friday that a special train for the Divya Kashi yatra is going to start from Delhi. IRCTC public relations officer Anand Jha said the PM had announced on Friday about the running of the train.

He also informed that in view of the growing demand of the people in Varanasi, the 'Divya Kashi Yatra' train is being run, which will be commercially operated from Delhi to Kashi from March 22. He said the train will have a total of 156 seats in the first and second AIR-conditioned categories. He said IRCTC will provide a four-night and five-day travel package for passengers, including food, lodging and walking at all major places in Varanasi.

The Prime Minister had said that a special train is being run from Delhi to visit Divya Kashi. Similarly, the Buddha Circuit is simplifying the journey to places related to Lord Buddha. Visa rules for foreign tourists have been relaxed and tourist destinations have been given priority in the vaccination drive. The PM said that today India is looking at tourism in a holistic way. Four things are necessary to increase tourism today. The first cleanliness - earlier our tourist places, holy pilgrimage sites were also unclean. Today, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has changed this picture. The second important element to increase tourism is convenience, but the scope of facilities should not be limited to tourist destinations alone.

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