This Diwali use peepal leaves, luck will change

There are many tricks which are done on the day of Diwali and doing them brings happiness in the house. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you that a tip of Diwali that you should do because by doing this, the luck shines and begins to blossom in the house. So let's know this special tip of Diwali day.

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Totka- On Diwali, after bathing, bring 5 leaves of Peepal, but keep in mind that all these leaves are green and not cut or torn from anywhere. After this, come home with these leaves and put a red cloth in front of God. Now put these five leaves of peepal on this cloth, after this, put a rupee coin on the first leaf. Keep in mind that this coin will help in removing your money related problems. After this, on the second leaf, you make a swastika mark with vermilion and water and keep in mind that this will boost your fortune.

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Now after this, place some grains of wheat and rice on the third leaf because it will never cause food shortage in your house and it will remain forever. After this, make a cross mark on the fourth leaf with the help of kajal, because it will never make you look bad, and now put your five fingerprints on the last, fifth leaf, remember that bad luck and bad luck will go away. After this, perform the aarti of God. At the end of the aarti, the first aarti should be offered to God, the second aarti should be given to the five leaves placed on this red cloth and in the end, you also take this aarti.

Now, after all, fold your forehead in front of God and tie this red cloth and make a bundle of it, but keep in mind that the five leaves and the materials placed on them should be in this red colored cloth. After this, go to a peepal tree with the bundle and worship the peepal with kumkum and turmeric and plant 5 incense sticks. After this, dug a pit in the ground under the tree and bury this red-colored bundle in it. Keep in mind that when you go from there, do not look back and see the peepal tree. You will get benefit by doing this.

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