Diwali Markets are full with decorative items to illuminate houses

Oct 25 2018 11:30 AM
Diwali Markets are full with decorative items to illuminate houses


Diwali is about to come and there is a roar around the market. Decoration items are selling on every side, from which your home will be illuminated. In such a way things like Deep and Beautiful Lights have been sold. Shops have also been decorated with these items and you can also go there and purchase the goods to light your house. Let's know what is selling - in the market.

On Diwali, the house is decorated with a lamp and. All of us bring colorful lamp in our home and make the house colorful. These lamps will also decorate our drawing room. The colorful clay lamp, the bronze lamp, as well as the various decorative items, terracotta lamps are also available. In the market, you will find all kinds of lamps in every shape from which you can illuminate your home.

Doormats having good messages like Welcome, Happy Diwali, Swagatam also coming in different types which are very beautiful decorating the house. These  door mates are made with the help of Velvet, Gothi borders, Strip, plastic, wool etc. Their prices also start at 50 rupees and are available in all ranges.

On Diwali, the decoration of the house completes with colorful candles .The market is full with gel, waterproof and floating candles. The fragrant candles are also being liked, which range from Rs 50 to Rs 500.

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