DJ Allen Davtyan has come a long way and enjoyed exceptional success.

The input of many players, ranging from music producers to skilled artists and music companies, has helped the international music industry expand and succeed through time. DJs have aided in delivering fantastic melodies to music fans worldwide as they work their magic with their fingertips on disc brakes. Allen Davtyan, professionally known as DJ Allen Davtyan, is an American-born, raised Armenian DJ and music producer based in Los Angeles. 

DJ Allen Davtyan's dedication to making good music had reaffirmed. One of the songs he worked on with Antonio Pican, titled "Macarena," has 9.5 million on Youtube. His recent song Got is trending at #1 in Romania in less than 24 hrs of its release. The DJ has continued to expand his reach globally and collaborated with many artists such as Ariana Grande on 7 Rings, DJ Allen Balkan, and Antonio Pican on Boom Diggy. DJ Allen Davtyan has received staggering positive feedback worldwide with one of his most successful tracks. The vibrant performer is prepared to upend the industry's power structure, and the 26-year-old music producer has continued to release great projects. He has collaborated with many well-known musicians in a parallel development, particularly as a producer. From his hardships to becoming one of the most known DJs, he shows the world he is here to stay. His passion for music and knowledge has no limits. DJ Allen Davtyan has enjoyed exceptional success with some of his early performances.

Using his inventiveness, expertise in the industry, and passion for music, he has established a position in the market as a mixologist. DJ Allen Davtyan has also traveled the world, performing in major cities with various international performers. DJ Allen has amassed a large following on numerous music streaming sites and social media.

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