Opposition parties are protesting against the farmers' bill in the Rajya Sabha

Sep 20 2020 08:27 PM
Opposition parties are protesting against the farmers' bill in the Rajya Sabha

Politics uproar in Rajya Sabha for farmers' bills. Congress and other opposition party member sat in protest in the Rajya Sabha even after the house was adjourned the day after the two agricultural bills were passed. Even after the bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha, many political parties are disagreeing. Congress, Trinamool Congress, DMK, Left members and others sat in the Rajya Sabha chamber after it was postponed

Brief about it for your information. Congress chief whip in rajya sabha told PTI that members of the opposition would sit in the Rajya Sabha room till 3 pm to express their protest against the government's stand. The house will end at 1 pm and the Rajya Sabha room should be cleaned up at 3 pm when the Lok Sabha is sitting for a meeting. Both the chambers of the Lok Sabha and rajya sabha are allowed to follow the physical distance rules of each house.

However, opposition members have given notices to move motions to send bills to the select committee for further consideration, but these members did not take the same as they were not in their seats in the House and they were not able to move them because they were protesting. .

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