Dnipro Under Fire: Three Injured in Missile Strike, Ukraine Reports
Dnipro Under Fire: Three Injured in Missile Strike, Ukraine Reports

Kyiv: In a deeply alarming incident, a Russian missile slammed into a multistory residential building in Dnipro, the capital city of Ukraine, on Friday, leaving three people injured. Ukraine's Interior Minister, Igor Klymenko, confirmed the grim news on Telegram, stating that "three people sought medical assistance" as rescuers rushed to the scene to offer aid.

Chilling videos on social media captured the aftermath, showing smoke billowing from the upper floors of the severely damaged residential structure. The attack not only targeted the high-rise building but also caused harm to the building housing the Ukrainian Security Service, further escalating tensions in the region. The impact of the Russian missile has sparked fear and outrage, with President Volodymyr Zelensky expressing his deep concern for the people of Dnipro.

Amid the chaos and destruction, President Zelensky assured his nation that all required services were promptly deployed to the site, maintaining control of the situation. In the face of such blatant aggression and terrorism by Russia against Ukraine's people, the Ukrainian government vowed to stop at nothing in order to ensure that those responsible for these heinous acts face full consequences for their actions.

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Friday's missile strike came in the aftermath of Russia claiming to have downed two Ukrainian missiles over the southern Rostov region, which shares a border with Ukraine. The report indicated that debris from the downed missiles struck the city of Taganrog, causing injuries to at least 12 people.

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Over the past year, regions in Russia that border Ukraine have frequently borne the brunt of drone strikes and shelling as part of Moscow's military campaign. However, missile attacks have been a rare occurrence until this devastating incident in Dnipro. The situation continues to fuel tensions between the neighboring nations and heightens concerns over the security of civilians caught in the crossfire.

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The international community closely watches as Ukraine stands resolute against this escalating aggression, vowing to protect its sovereignty and the safety of its citizens. As the world witnesses the unfolding events, hopes for a peaceful resolution grow dimmer, and the urgent call for diplomatic efforts to address the crisis reaches new heights.

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