Do and Don'ts while building up a professional makeup portfolio, By Celebrity makeup artist Nav Brar.
Do and Don'ts while building up a professional makeup portfolio, By Celebrity makeup artist Nav Brar.

Makeup artists pull out all the "best" in their customers' cosmetics, turning wedding days and picture sessions into gorgeous occasions. While beauty retailers may count on a constant supply of customers, the beautician is self-employed.

To succeed as a makeup artist, you must master makeup methods, take on various makeup gigs and chances, keep up with the current makeup trends, and create a stunning makeup online portfolio website to promote your work and expertise.

While we recognise the value of a well-curated portfolio for a make-up artist, we reached out to Nav Brar, a celebrity make-up artist who is recognised for creating unique looks for each bride: Each time, a fresh cosmetic look was used to emphasise the bride's looks. She is well-known for her impeccable makeup techniques as well as the personalised care she provides to her clients.

She shared with us that “The portfolio of a makeup artist should showcase your distinct style and enthusiasm as an artist, with diverse photographs depending on who and what you are presenting for. It should represent the technical aspects of your success as well as the basic abilities you have learned. You must also demonstrate your flexibility to the customer so that they would wish to invite you to future projects.”

Each professional in the creative area requires a portfolio to display their work. A portfolio is one of the most significant components of makeup artists' careers since it allows them to showcase their work and gain new clients. Scroll down to learn the dos and don'ts of portfolio creation.


1.For the portfolio, only use client photos.
2.Keep the distinct appearances separate rather than mixing them up.
3.It's crucial to get the appropriate angles and lighting for the photo you're about to take.
4.Make an online version, as this is the current trend.
5. Plan an attractive layout for the page.
6. An Instagram account should be a must!  


1.Do Not keep the organisation sloppy and over the top.
2. Do not add over edit pics-  shouldn’t be too white and flat
3.Maintain the freshness of your portfolio. All of the photographs should be either classic or modern styles.
4.Never apply a filter on photographs you've taken.

Nav concluded by noting, "The first step in attracting paying clients is to build an excellent portfolio!" It won't happen quickly, but practising often, showcasing your work, and sharing your interest with others is a terrific place to start. Your unique style and confidence will develop as your experience develops. Along the road, others will start to notice and support you!"

Nav Brar is a skilled makeup artist who has mastered the art of combining elegance, timelessness, and sophistication. Even though she has an LLM degree from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, her passion and love for beauty has taken her far. Her art and aesthetic embrace the transformational potential of cosmetics, not just in terms of how people seem, but also in terms of how they feel.

She even shared with us that Makeup causes both the user and the viewer to undergo a psychological alteration.She inspires people to recognise their own worth.Nav Brar's work is unconstrained by standard materials, styles, or norms, instead employing a diverse variety of approaches to achieve novel results. She's recognised for creating unique styles and finding the perfect cosmetics for each individual. 

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