Do Holi Puja in this way brings good luck and health
Do Holi Puja in this way brings good luck and health

A festival that marks the onset of spring season is Holi, a celebration of colors and sharing love. This ancient Hindu festival is now widely picked by European and North-American states as a show of love, frolic, and colours.

Dhulandi: It’s a 2-day festival, which begins with Holika Dahan (a night before actual Holi), and finishes with carnival of colors and water, the next morning. On the evening of Holika Dahan, a bonfire is set and the story of King Hirankashyapu and his sister Holika is narrated.
Moon worshiping

After the bonfire is lit, people walk around it, singing and dancing. In Hinduism, the festivity marks the end of evil. For Hindus, worshiping around the Holika bonfire is considered sacred, as it is believed that praying to the Lord of Moon results in immense good luck and wealth.

Tips to increase wealth

Today, we will tell you of ways of worshiping the Moon that would increase your chances of attracting positive results.

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Holi puja samagri

On the night of Holika dahan, after moonrise head to any nearby open area from where you can easily catch a glimpse of Moon. On a silver plate, put together some dry dates (Chuare), fox nut (Makhane), Sago (Sabudana) cooked with saffron, white-colored sweet, a copper mug filled with milk, an earthen lamp with ghee and a few incense sticks.

Start by lighting the lamp and offering the milk to Moon (Chandra Arga); followed by offering a part of white-colored sweet and cooked Sago. Pray to Lord Moon for granting the boon of wealth and prosperity.

In continuation to it distribute the dry dates and fox nut to each family member, and religiously follow the ritual on all Holika Dahan night. You can also repeat the ritual on every full-moon night.

For calming ill-effects of planetary motions

On the night of Holika dahan, spread clean white linen on a bajot, and on it carefully put a handful of each: green gram (Moong dal), bengal gram (Chana dal), white rice, lentil (Masoor), wheat (Gehun), black gram (Kali Urad) and sesame seeds (Til). Neatly place a ‘Navgrah Yantra’ above it.

Next, apply a ‘tilak’ of saffron on the yantra and lit a ghee lamp. Reciting this mantra (51 times) during worshiping would ensure peace, calm and annihilation of any ill-effects caused by planetary motions:

For prospering business

After you get a clear look at the moon, on the night of Holika dahan, wrap a one-eye coconut inside red-colored cloth. Place it atop a handful of wheat (Gehun) and apply a Vermilion (sindoor) tilak.

Tips to incite positive monetary effects

While digging the ground to create base for bonfire, put equal amount of brass, silver and iron, enough to create a finger-length key chain, deep inside the earth. Now cover the pot with wood for bonfire. n a fresh betel (Paan) leaf, put together camphor, havan samagri, pair of clove dipped in ghee, white sweet sugar drops (batasha); cover it with another fresh betel leaf. Carrying this, take 7 rounds of Holika bonfire, while chanting the below given mantra. After the completion of rounds, empty everything into the bonfire. Next day in morning, again gather all the ingredients on a fresh betel leaf, like the previous night and repeat everything. But this time, while coming back dig out all the metal pieces from the earth (which you put in last night) and take them with you.

For wealth and prosperity

Get these metal turned into a key-chain, the size of your index finger and after 15 days on the next Thursday falling on Shukla Paksha, wear it.

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