Do not make these mistakes by mistake while riding a bicycle or else life will be in danger
Do not make these mistakes by mistake while riding a bicycle or else life will be in danger

You all know that world bicycle day is celebrated on June 3 every year. The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware of the benefits of bicycles. If you cycle regularly for 30 minutes, then it can have many health benefits. Not only this, but a related research has also come out, which has confirmed that walking and cycling can not only keep the environment safe but also keep the body healthy. However today we will tell you what are the mistakes while cycling that should not be made.

* Often people hold the handle of the bicycle tightly while riding a bicycle, due to which their seating posture becomes wrong. However, when the body bends forward due to the turning of the spinal cord, people may have problems related to the stomach.
* While riding a bicycle, some people have a habit of setting the seat too low and then riding a bicycle. However, sitting down during cycling can have a bad effect on the knees and can also cause arthritis problems.
* It has always been seen that people do stretching even before bicycles. But let's say that doing so can have a negative effect on health. And in such a situation, people should do stretching before working out. Keep in mind that you should not do stretching before cycling.
Always people drink water frequently while riding a bicycle, however, let us tell you that doing so can also be harmful to health. By drinking water repeatedly while riding a bicycle, the person can urinate, which can also cause problems.
* Many people get bored by cycling on the same track. I feel like doing something different to them. In such a situation, to make the ride exciting, people like to do stunts in between, which can be fatal.
* There are many people who start setting gear and handles on the way to cycling, but should not do so. Before leaving the house, the gear, tires, lighting, air and seat should all be checked.
* You should not eat too much fat food before cycling. Because eating such heavy food can make it difficult to ride a bicycle.
* If you are cycling, avoid drinking water at that time. However, if you are very thirsty, then stop for a while and consume coconut water. Keep in mind that consuming more water can cause problems like vomiting.

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