Don't forget to do these 10 things on Rakhi day otherwise...

According to the Hindu calendar, the full moon of the month of Sawan is celebrated as Raksha Bandhan. This time, according to English Calendar, Raksha Bandhan is going to be celebrated on Sunday, 22nd August 2021. Let me tell you that this day is the full moon date of Shukla paksha of the month of Sawan and most importantly, this day is also the last day of Sawan. In this case, the month of Sawan will conclude on this day and the month of Bhadrapada will begin from 23rd August 2021. Now we tell you which work should not be done even by mistake on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

1. It is said that there should not be any kind of anger and controversy on this day.

2. Even after forgetting on the day of Rakhi, one should not be proud or arrogant.

3. On this day sister or brother should not be insulted and by staying ahead, the sister should be called to her home with respect.

4. Do not do any such work on this day which causes anxiety to the people.

5. It is said that one should not remain sad, disappointed, or sad on this day.

6. With this, no kind of filth should be done on this day.

7. On this day, don't forget to take care of the direction, don't make your brother sit facing south.

8. Remember the auspicious time on this day. Do not tie Rakhi in Rahukaal or Bhadrakal.

9. It is said that do not tie black, defective, broken Rakhi on this day. Because tying such a Rakhi gives inauspicious results.

10. It is said that even plastic Rakhi should not be tied because it is made of impure things.

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