Don't make this mistake at the time of Bappa's immersion or else ....

Sep 12 2019 12:07 PM
Don't make this mistake at the time of Bappa's immersion or else ....

We are all aware that in Hinduism, Anant Chaturdashi and Ganesh Visarjan are very special and important. In this way, on Ganesh Chaturthi, people perform Ganpati immersion with full pomp and worship and worship Ganpati for ten days. There is a very emotional moment for the devotees at the time of immersion after Ganpati's departure. With this, the devotees' heart becomes heavy at the time of Ganapati Bappa's farewell, and it is very important to take care of some special things during the immersion, otherwise, it can be very bad. So let's know about them today.

It is said that the most important thing to be kept in mind during immersion is that do not throw Ganapati Ji's idol or anything related to it, but all the material should be immersed with full respect, doing so is considered auspicious. With this, Shri Ganesh Aarti must be done before immersion and apologize to Bappa for any lapse during service. With this, special attention should be taken on the outpost on which Ganapati was enthroned.

Keep in mind that clean the garrison with Ganga water and make a swastika on it and if you are going to join the immersion of the Ganesha idol then do not consume any kind of intoxication. With this, keep your mind calm during Ganesh Visarjan and do not do any bad work, because Ganpati can be angry with this. With this, keep in mind that the purpose of worship is considered self-purification.

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