Do not donate these things otherwise your life will be ruined

The great importance of charity has been told in Hinduism. There are huge benefits from donating. The importance of charity is also seen in the Puranas. Many times people donate such things which should not be given. Today we are going to tell you about the same. Let's know.

Donation of sindoor - According to the scriptures, no married woman should donate her sindoor. If the married women donate her sindoor (vermilion), then her husband's love for her decreases. 

Donation of a broom - It is said that one should never donate a broom. Goddess Lakshmi gets annoyed by donating the broom and stops coming to people's homes.

Donation of spoiled or used oil - There are many people who donate the spoiled or used oil. It is considered completely wrong. According to astrology, donating oil gives freedom from the ill effects of Shani Dev but Shani Dev gets angry with those who donate such oil.

Donation of a torn copy-book - It is said that donating a copy-book increases learning, but donating a torn copy-book reduces learning.

Donation of plastic items - Plastic items should not be donated. Donating plastic items is not considered good. It is said that by donating plastic, loss in business and jobs happen.

Donation of steel utensils - It is said that donating steel utensils end the peace and happiness of the house. For this reason, it is said that one should never donate steel utensils.

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