Do not keep medicines at these two places, will be ineffective

Medicine is always used by all of us, so it is very important to store it at home but in the right place. But if you are keeping medicine in a cabinet in the bathroom or in the car. Because storing in hot and humid places can make medicines less effective. Medicines are nothing but chemicals whose chemical composition has to be kept away from direct heat, sunlight or moisture to prevent any change. For this reason, while storing medicines, pay close attention to the fact that there is no change in their medicinal value.

Tips for storing medicines at home- Most of the medicines should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and in a cool and dry place. Not only this but in addition, keep tablet strips and syrup bottles out of the reach of children to avoid any loss. Do not keep cotton, plastic or paper in pill bottles as this can reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Now you'd like to know what is the ideal temperature to store medicines? So, first of all, you must read the storage instruction on its packaging to know the right temperature and place to store the medicines properly. Indeed in most cases, the label can instruct that you store the drug at room temperature, which is usually about 25°C.

However, some medicines may need to be stored in the refrigerator. These include injections such as vaccines and insulin. The correct temperature of refrigerated medicines is usually 2-8 degrees Celsius, due to this, never forget to keep the medicines in the fridge. Always keep medicines in the box. If the tablets come in contact with the air, then such tablets (nitroglycerin) kept in the box can get damaged in a week, so later on, you want to destroy such medicines.

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